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Without wanting to discount all the mums out there, as Father’s Day draws near we’d like to celebrate these family heroes. 
After all, we have so much to thank dads for [or be thanked for, if you are one].

Look at the list; Dad Jokes, burnt breakfasts, how not to wear jeans and – oh yeah – unconditional love and support.

So, let’s skip the socks and BBQ tools this year and share the greatest gift – a life of greater happiness and fulfilment together. One weekend with Tony can change everything – it did for these dads. [button url=”http://” target=”” size=”small” style=”orange” icon=”” popup=”” title=””]See Tony Robbins LIVE…[/button]

Outstanding Dads tell their stories

“I’m now able to be present with my wife and kids when we’re spending time together — so I can be a better husband and father.”

dad-3Kevin Sealy was completely overwhelmed: with family, with work, with not feeling he could give his wife and kids the time with him they deserved. But after attending Unleash the Power Within, he learned how to look at his results and responsibilities differently. Now he’s more productive and is able to spend more quality time with his family.

“Tony Robbins has helped me stay on top of all the ‘stuff,’ and still be able to spend time with my wife and kids. Rather than being overwhelmed, I’m now able to be present with my wife and kids when we’re spending time together — so I can be a better husband and father.”
– Kevin Sealy, Acworth, Georgia

“I created a plan for my whole family’s success. Now we’re all growing together.”

dad-2Keith Campbell used to believe it was next to impossible to be an effective husband and father of four. Trying to create unity in his blended family was a source of frustration and insecurity, even as he told himself he was doing “everything” he could. But when he attended Unleash the Power Within and Date With Destiny, he realized it was “game over” for feeling sorry for himself.

“I created a plan for my whole family’s success. Now I have great relationships with everyone, and we are all growing together. We don’t judge each other — this is a complete safe zone for us to grow. My wife Flora and I have realized that we are the blueprint for success for the kids. So I made it my business to open up my heart to love — that’s how it transformed my relationships, I became completely present with my wife, and the kids saw a plan in action. That provided the certainty they needed to see to trust me completely.”
— Keith Campbell, New York, NY

“Tony really wakes up the ‘real man’ that’s living deep inside you, so that you can lead your family and love your children.”

dad-1Before working with Tony Robbins, Kwaku was focused only on providing financial security for his family, and as a result was emotionally distant with his wife and kids. He experienced bouts of depression, and his weight reached 280 pounds. But after he worked with Tony Robbins, everything changed.

Tony really wakes up the ‘real man’ that is living deep inside you, so that you can lead your family, love your children, and experience growth and passion on a level that you have probably never experienced before.

Since attending UPW, I have enjoyed the BEST years (physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, intimately) of my life, and it’s is only getting better! I now feel a closer bond with my children, and allow them to each be unique, being mindful that my actions frame the ‘story’ of their lives. I have also experienced more passion with my wife than ever before!

Although I know that I will never get everything right with my family (and that mistakes are a part of growth), I can now be more sensitive to their needs and be a real ‘practical psychologist’ in my house.”
— Kwaku Amuti, Paramus, NJ

What will you get the outstanding dad in your life?

This Father’s Day, help him transform any area of his life – from his health and relationships to his career and finances – in one amazing weekend.

Make Father’s Day every day




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