Tony Robbins: What level do you want to take your life to? (video)


What level will you take your life to? – This is a realy good question!

Dear reader,

Sincerly, after my experiency from UPW (2014), I can say there are no ‘bad’ seats at Tony Robbins’ firewalk weekend event, Unleash the Power Within.

But there are levels of experience – and outcome. Like so much in life; the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

This is something his past graduates understand – the closer you are to Tony, to the energy centre, the greater and the more sustained the impact on your life.

A Diamond ticket provides an environment reserved for the select few with a shared purpose and commitment to the Best of the Best.

More than just the best seats in the house

It begins the moment you arrive – from registration, to seating, to the exclusive privileges of the Diamond Lounge – including the opportunity for one to one interaction with Tony.

As many of Tony’s returning graduates know, this is where the greatest, most memorable impact happens. LEARN MORE

Everyone who joins Tony live comes away with more than they ever anticipated – and knowing the higher you start, the higher you go.

What level will you take your life to?




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